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What should you expect when working with Mayflower Capital, LLC?

Your Needs Come First –

When you work with Mayflower Capital, we will do a full confidential financial review of your current finances, identify your financial goals and risk tolerance. As a client-focused wealth management firm, we will listen to you when you share with us your concerns and goals for life, retirement and legacy planning.

If you do not know what your goals are, that is ok. We will sit down with you and help you identify what you want your life and retirement to look like. Together we will see what you need to live your life in the lifestyle you are expecting.

Once we determine your goals , we can plan on how to get  you there. We understand how this can be a source of stress for many, but it is our mission to help you achieve financial stability and comfort while helping to ensure smooth financial sailing.

Our Investment Philosophy –

While there are many philosophies out there about investing and how to best plan for retirement,  you have to pick the one that will work for you and what you will stick with over the years.
To Harriet and Mayflower Capital, the best philosophy is the one that will get you to your personal goals.

Let’s start by discussing the five stages of wealth management.

1) Build

2) Protect

3) Plan

4) Distribute

5) Transfer

Each one of these stages looks differently to each individual and together we will discuss what the mean to you.

It is Personal –

If you are not working with someone who is well versed in your  individual goals and current financial standing, we should discuss that with you.  At Mayflower Capital, we do see the ups and downs of markets, the changes in interest rates, the current GDP and many other factors. However, we understand if you are concerned about your finances, those specific topics may not be your chief focus.

Let’s sit down together and discus a personal financial plan that can weather the global market changes as they come.  There is no reason for you to sit up at night and wonder how you are going to manage. That’s our job.