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Mayflower Capital uses the Charles Schwab & Co platform for continuity of accounts, other financial reporting services and Morningstar. For investment research and analyses we utilize Morningstar and Schwabs investment protocols. Our objective is to create portfolios that will balance out clients’ need to preserve capital and their desire to achieve risk tolerance and respectable growth of assets.

Our Investment Process

Investment strategies and recommendations may be based upon consideration of any of the following:

Diversification – for the purpose of balancing risk while maintaining the possibility of gain; providing a favorable risk/reward balance.

Risk Factors – including without limitation the risk of capital loss (market risk) and the risk of loss of purchasing power (inflation risk), and your understanding of, and financial ability to bear such risks.

Asset Allocation – taking into consideration short-term and long-term liquidity needs, blending of lesser and greater risk approaches , and combining income, growth , and safety concepts.

Discipline – emphasizing commitment and follow through over a reasonable period of time in order to permit the investment plan or recommendation(s) to achieve the intended result.

Income Tax Considerations – these should not replace economic benefits as the principal determinant of investment decisions.

Past performance does not guarantee future results and there is a risk of loss in value of the assets in your Mayflower Capital Investment Portfolio. It is important you work with us to determine your own personal tolerance for risk. There is also a risk a manager may deviate from the stated investment mandate or strategy of the fund or ETF, which could make the holding(s) less suitable for your Investment Portfolio.